5 Ways To Get The Most Kissable Lips For Your Wedding Day

“You may now kiss the bride…”

Doesn’t every woman dream of these words being said? The final part of the ceremony process where you can finally kiss your new life partner and step into life as a married couple. 

You’ll have thought of it all – the dress, the venue, your makeup – but weddings can be stressful business, so what happens when your lips become the last thing on your list? Chapped and dehydrated lips aren’t going to be what you want your new husband to kiss for the first time, and they’re not the best look for pictures, either. 

It’s really easy to neglect your lips, especially if you’re talking constantly to suppliers and perhaps not drinking enough water in the lead up to your wedding day, so we’ve pulled together this post to help you remember and to give you our top tips for soft, photo-ready smooth lips.

#1 Use An Exfoliating Scrub

It’s not nice when you have dry, chapped lips. Not only can it be sore, makeup can sit unevenly on dry skin and colours can bleed. This can be especially bad news when you’ve got a slick, bold lip look planned that needs a fine, careful hand and topping up. Using an exfoliating scrub can be the best way to gently get rid of chapped lips and give you a perfect wedding day pout. You can either make your own (a sugar, honey and vanilla extract mix works really well!) or buy one. We love this new Magic Lip Scrub by Charlotte Tilbury to help prep and prime.

#2 Use A Medicated Barrier Cream

There are HUNDREDS of lip balms out there and it’s worth shopping around ahead of time to find the best fit for you. We would recommend finding a medicated balm, as exfoliating can leave your lips a little sore and it’s preferable to heal them before adding colour (not to mention several top ups throughout the day). We love Elizabeth Arden’s Intensive Lip Repair Balm to strengthen your lip barrier and hold in moisture.

#3 Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

We can’t recommend enough drinking water, water and more water! It’s so easy to let this slide when you’re busy, but carrying around a nice, helpful water bottle like this one, or setting a reminder on your phone can seriously help you to replenish lost moisture from your lips (and give the rest of your body a boost, too!)

#4 Use The Best Tones and Products For Your Skin Type

Of course, having the best look for your lips also revolves around the type of makeup you’re going to have on your big day. You may love a look, but it may just not look right with your overall style. This is where wedding makeup and hair trials with us help big time. We can try a few different styles out to ensure you’re going to be wearing the best wedding lip look for your skin tone, dress, theme and style.

#5 Keep Topping Up

Once you’ve held your trial and have chosen your wedding lip look, make sure you’ve got a little sample of the colour you’ve chosen and top it up during opportune times of the day. Ask your bridesmaid to keep hold of and always be photo-ready and ready for a kiss!

We hope this is helpful for you. There are so, so many things to think about when you’re planning a wedding and it’s completely natural for some things to slip down the list. Don’t forget, when you book Cambridge Wedding Artists, we’re here to be on hand to remind you of these things and to pass over any advice that we think might be useful for your special day.

Now, get scrubbing and create a beautiful, sumptuous base for your lovely lips and check out our other tips here.

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