A Guide To Bridal Hair Accessories

Few things are more exciting than choosing your beautiful bridal gown and accessories for your wedding day. Your makeup and hair are the final touches to your whole bridal ensemble, and will ensure a beautiful look no matter which one you choose.

Need a bit of help? Here are my reasons why wearing a hair accessory on your wedding day is such a great idea!

Personalise your look

Bridal hair accessories come in all shapes and sizes, from regal crown-like pieces to delicate, subtle pins. No bride is complete without those final flourishes, and the combination of your dress and your accessory will present one-of a kind authentic look.

So much choice

There is no end to hair accessory options! For an elegant updo, wedding hair pins add the perfect touch of sparkle without stealing the show. If you’d prefer something simple and subtle that will help keep your hair in place, consider this option. Instead, an embellished bridal comb or hair vine works well for accenting an updo.

You can wear an accessory with a veil

Some brides worry that they’ll need to make a choice between a veil or an accessory. Actually though, wearing a veil as well as a hair accessory is more common than you think! It’s just a matter of figuring out what headwear design will complement the veil and vice versa.

Pass it on

You can keep your beautiful wedding hair accessories tucked away, and pass it down to generations ahead. Your memories of your special day will be shared with your family members in the most unique way.

Are you inspired to wear a hair accessory for your wedding day? Take a look at my full, brand new bridal accessories collection here!


Kerry x

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