We’re coming up to the midst of wedding season and brides everywhere are looking to nail their most perfect look for their summer big days – and it’s down to us to make sure that you make the right choices to create a beautifully modern look.

When our brides book in with us, we always make sure to advise that they should do so at least 18 MONTHS BEFOREHAND, to ensure they have enough time to fit in all the prep and of course, book in with the MUA they want most.

Additionally, a little bit of homework on their own skin and being aware of the things they are doing that can affect the overall look on the big day can go a long way.

#1 Form a routine as soon as possible

When it comes to wedding beauty prep, there’s no such thing as starting too soon. Don’t leave it until the last minute to think about your skin – I would say that the last six months before your wedding is a good marker of time to begin a new, dedicated routine. The longer, the better! Don’t forget that every skin type is different, so it’s best to go to a skincare professional to get advice on a new routine, rather than choosing at random what you think you may need and risking making things worse.

#2 Avoid new products

Please don’t try any new products up to three weeks before your wedding – this includes not just skincare, but hair products and even washing powder can make your skin a little grizzly if it’s something it’s not used to. Use the time I recommended in the tip above to experiment with what works for you.

#3 Take care of your body inside out

It’s not just about what you’re putting on your body, it’s about what’s going in. Getting a good diet of fresh fruits and liquids such as green tea can do wonders for the skin, as their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are thought to help brighten the skin! As well as this, it’s taking care of your body by making sure you’re getting enough sleep that’s important. You can also carry out some self-care treatments, such as a long bath or going for a walk – even having a lovely massage.

#4 Have big treatments in advance

Some women like to take advantage of bridal pampering packages and some of these may include a facial. It is my advice that you don’t carry out a chemical facial too close to the wedding in case of any reactions. However, I do strongly recommend an exfoliating and hydrating facial even for skin that’s already in good condition. Taking off the layer of dead skin cells will result in more flawless and youthful-looking makeup. Don’t forget, after some treatments, it could take a couple of weeks for your skin to calm down, and red angry skin is the last thing you need just before your big day!

#5 Moisture, moisture, moisture!

We all know how important water is to take care of our bodies, and it can really show in our skin. Up your water intake as much as possible in the months before your wedding, and double up on the hydration with a good moisturiser that works with your skin type. Apply throughout the day to tackle any dry spots to ensure a smooth base.

Are you a summer bride in 2022 or beyond? We love hearing about the bridal looks you’d like to achieve for your big day. Please get in touch to speak to me about booking in for a trial – can’t wait to hear from you!

Cambridge Makeup Artist Pro Team

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