From Wedding Bells To Wedding Blues: How To Shake Post-Wedding Sadness

Remember that episode of Friends, after Monica and Chandler’s wedding where Monica says: “I’ll never be a bride again. Now, I’m just someone’s wife!”?

Here it is to jog your memory.

Although it seems a bit dramatic, anyone who’s had the wedding will be likely to tell you that’s EXACTLY how you feel. 

You’ve had months, or maybe even years of planning for this day. From the very beginning, you’ve been fine-tuning every detail, from buying your first ‘Wedding Plans’ notebook to having your dress fluffed before you walk down the aisle.

All of a sudden, it’s over!

It’s actually not that uncommon to have feelings of sadness, disappointment and even feelings of depression after your wedding. Let’s call them the Wedding Blues, here.

If your wedding reception ends and you’re suddenly hit with these sad feelings, first of all don’t worry. Second of all, remember our top tips for battling the post-wedding blues!

#1 Give yourself permission

It’s normal to feel guilt when feeling sad after you’ve just had an amazing wedding! The first thing to do is to push aside that guilt and acknowledge how you feel. It’s a huge life event and you’re bound to be coming down from some adrenaline. It’s okay to feel this sadness, and there’s no harm in allowing yourself to feel it for a little while before trying to move on.

#2 Do things as a couple

Why not plan some exciting things to do together as a newly married couple? Enjoy things such as booking a restaurant under your new name, if you’ve chosen to do that. Having a few events lined up post-wedding is a great way to have things to look forward to.

#3 Create a new project

If you were a wedding-obsessed bride and were amazing at all of the detailed plans, it could be that you miss it! Why not channel that energy into something new? You could learn a new language, or perhaps create an amazing itinerary for your honeymoon?

#4 Look back at memories

Photographs last a lifetime, and looking back on your day will remind you of how wonderful it was, reigniting those feelings of excitement and joy. Talk about the parts of the day you loved the most with your new spouse to keep the memories alive for years to come.

#5 Find joy in everything

Although a wedding is a huge event, it’s not the only thing that can spark joy in your life. Begin to take notice of the little things that bring you happiness. A brand new scented candle, or the taste of your favourite food. 

We hope your blues don’t last too long. And finally, we know from experience that being someone’s wife can be JUST as fun as being a bride – and you’ve got the rest of your lives for adventure!

Cambridge Makeup Artist Pro Team

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