Five Things You Must Do Before Your Wedding Day

Weddings take a lot of effort to plan! You get the ring, tell all your family and friends then probably go and buy a lovely planner to get started on what the big day is going to look like! Soon enough though…you’ll probably realise that weddings take a LOT of planning. Even if you don’t plan to get married for a year, two years or even longer, the months will soon whip around and you’ll start chasing your tail.

There are some things you simply MUST do before your wedding in terms of timings and arranging. We’ve put together a quick guide so you don’t miss out.

Give notice to get married

It might sound obvious but it’s surprising how many get caught up in dresses and flower arrangements and forget you need to complete a little bit of paperwork too! You usually need to let your local authority or church know well in advance that you intend to marry, then you’ll need to arrange someone to do the deed and tie the knot for you. Sounds intimidating, but it’s pretty straightforward, we promise you!

Book your hair and makeup

We recommend that you book your wedding hair and makeup stylist at LEAST 18 months in advance. So many people book far in advance, and if you leave it too late, it’s likely you’ll not be able to book the stylist you’d like, which is such a shame! Additionally, this much time in advance can allow your stylist to give you some advice around skin prep and hair care before the big day. Don’t leave it too late!

Set a budget

Another one that sounds obvious – but if you don’t, you may find costs running away with you! Set up a simple wedding budget and track every cost, so you’re not left with any sticky situations and you’ll not be living on beans on toast after the big day!

Take it easy

It can be really easy to slip into nervous wreck mode in the lead up to the wedding. Wanting to have everything perfect, and planned to perfection. We know from experience that with the best of intentions, not everything will go exactly as planned. But it’s these moments that go slightly off-piste which give your wedding character and will be a story for years to come. The most important thing is to ENJOY your day – it’ll fly by.

What else have you planned so far that you think other prospective brides need to know?

Cambridge Makeup Artist Pro Team

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