Will you do a trial run with me before my wedding?

Absolutely!  The trial should take place at least a couple of months before the big day.

How long does it take to get everyone ready on the day?

Every artist is different and will do their own timings for the morning of the wedding, but on average, for three adult hair and makeups you will need around four and a half hours for hair and makeup. You then need to add on around thirty minutes dressing time for a corseted or buttoned up dress plus time for the photographer, if they want to take pictures of you fully dressed before you leave for the ceremony. This seems like a long time, but this is a specialist service where each person booked in for hair and makeup gets quality time and will have approximately and hour and a half spent on them, depending on their requirements and you will find the time will fly by.

Do you offer a 'staying service' for after ceremony/evening touch ups/change of hair style?

Yes we do offer this service. It is payable from the time we finish your hair or make-up and is based on an hourly rate of £45 per hour.

What makeup brands do you use? Are you VEGAN free?

My kit and it’s size reflect what i charge, on an average job my case will be filled with the following luxury brands, alongside airbase (airbrush) makeup:

Mac products, Tarte, NARS, Urban Decay, Ben Nye, Anastasia Beverley hills, Bobbi brown, STILA,  Bare Minerals, Estee Lauder, Charlotte Tilbury, Laura Mercier and many more.

Please note the following brands in my kit are VEGAN FRIENDLY: Airbase, Tarte, Urban Decay, Bare minerals, Laura Mercier Charlotte Tilbury, and Anastasia Beverley Hills.


Can I try more than one hairstyle?

Yes you can certainly try more than one, but we do ask clients to try and pin point their two favourites. If you have too many choices it can get confusing and can sometimes lead to an unsuccessful trial or a client who is still unsure of what they want. It is also difficult to maintain the hair if it is put up and taken down several times and can start to look untidy.

How many people can you manage on your own?

Where time permits, the maximum number of people we can manage alone are three adult hair and makeups. Hair is more time consuming than makeup so it could be that if you require five people for makeup only that this will only require one makeup artist. This information will be given to you at the time of booking when we send you your quote and will be down to Kerry’s discretion as to whether she feels it requires two or more people, for example if your venue stipulates a late morning entry into your bridal suite and you are getting married early afternoon, additional assistants will be required. Additional stylist/artists are charged at £50 each and is added to bookings over three people for hair and makeup, and shorter preparation timescales.

Do you work on location?

YES! It’s preferable to have the professional come to you. If you’re staying in a hotel with all of your bridesmaids or getting ready at home, for example, please ask and I am happy to travel.

Do you offer discounts any discounts?

We do not offer any discounted rates for larger bookings. We work hard to continually develop our skills and make sure we can offer you the highest quality service without compromise to your booking.

Do you want to see photos of hair and makeup looks I like?

Yes! Us hairstylists and makeup artists get a sense of the wedding style you want to achieve.











Should I bring my veil/accessories to the trial? What if I don’t have them yet?

If you’ve already picked out your big-day accessories, you’ll want to bring them to your trials to find out how they fit in with your beauty look, if you haven’t don’t worry I have some extra pieces for you try on if you wish.  

I already have one hair and makeup artist booked, will you be able to work along side them?

Yes! I do also have my own talented team of hair and makeup artists for larger weddings so you shouldnt have to look for two seperate makeup artists or hairdressers, however if you have already booked another its not a problem.

What kind of prep do I need to do before the trial? Before the wedding?

Fresh -faced and freshly washed/dried and straightened hair would be best.

Are you familiar with my particular skin or hair type?

If you have sensitive skin, super curly hair, or any other beauty quirks that require an additional talk through, mention them to me before booking a trial run.

What happens if you are ill on my wedding day and can’t come out?

In the extremely unlikely event that I am so ill, injured or a family bereavement that I am unable to do your makeup on your wedding day then I will do everything possible to find you an alternative makeup artist.  If however this is not possible I will give you a refund for your deposit/payment. Please note this has never happened in all the years I have been working!

Do you require a booking fee to secure our date?

Yes, I will require a £50 booking fee (per stylist/artist) to secure your wedding date. (This deposit is non refundable, and is deducted from your final invoice) NB – Bookings can ONLY be guaranteed with both the completed booking form and deposit. Once the booking form is received, the date cannot be held for any longer than two weeks without the above. I endeavour to let you know during this time if another enquiry is received for your date, and will offer you first refusal, but again I cannot hold the date without the deposit and completed form.

Do you have any requirements for working in my house?

Yes. I operate a non smoking policy, treatments will not be carried out in a smokey environment on a health and safety grounds. Young babies and children must be looked after by someone during your treatment. Access to electrical sockets and a clean sink with hot running water and soap.

What hygiene precautions do you take?

My makeup kit is cleaned regularly, all makeup brushes are cleaned and sanitized after each bridal party. I also use disposable mascara wands and sponges, I use an antibacterial hand gel between clients. I do not blow on to my brushes and where possible I will use disposable spatulas to decant makeup such as lipgloss/lipsticks.

Do you have any other commitments on my wedding day?

No. I only book one wedding in on one day to avoid over running of time.

Do you have a minimum number of people for bookings?

Between the summer months of May-September the minimum requirement is 2.

Do you have a maximum number of people for bookings ?

No. The largest wedding I carried out was in August 2015 and was hair and makeup for 10 bridesmaids, the bride, the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom!